February 20, 2024

We finally completed the update, as you can notice - hope you'll enjoy it!

January 14,2024

International Dogshow Genk -BE

Iron Ibilandia" aka SPEEDY got EX 2

Wodka-Wiara got EX 1 and  CAC-J and went BOB-Junior /Ambiorix-J-Winner!

Hereby she's now Belgian Junior Champion!

SO proud at my youngsters!


December 31, 2023:

It's Sylvester, so for everyone our best wishes, good healht and happyness!


November 30, 2023

And then the task for a big update!!!

A few new dogs enterd in our lives :

Tsunami Tequila z Gwiazda Sirius aka Tequila, born 16.03.2020

Iron Iblilandia aka Speedy, born 14.08.2022

Wodka Wiara z Gwiazda Sirius, born 15.01.2023

More news and pictures of them are following!